Meet our Worcester Artists

Here is a selection of paintings by Worcester artists in our group.  Many of these are for sale.  To enquire about buying a painting please click on the links to email the artists.

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Ella Buchanan

Ella’s work can be described as abstract realism, combining realistic portraiture with experimental mark making and mixed media techniques. Her paintings usually celebrate women and blend the wild and the serene, often exploring a connection with nature. Her work has been described as romantic, dreamlike and peaceful.



Helen Bacon

Hi. I am originally from Cornwall and moved to Worcestershire in 1995. As well as art I am also a keen amateur photographer and love to combine the 2 hobbies, often using my photographs for inspiration for my painting and drawing. 
I am mainly self taught and since semi-retiring a few years ago I am very happy to be able to devote more time to painting in my chosen medium of Acrylic.  


Diana E Curley – BA (Hons) Painting


‘Biomorphica’ – Painting and Sculpture Sitting Side by Side

‘The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak’. Hans Arp

Diana’s innovative work encompasses the complex and fascinating aspects of her life and process. Her work is smart, meticulous and methodical and has pursued a style and way of thinking that is a celebration of her parent’s skills. The relationship to the materials hints of narrative and/or representation. The process of layering, reconfiguration and repainting continues until a kind of resolution is achieved.

Diana has exhibited widely in previous years within the Worcestershire, Shropshire and Herefordshire and surrounding districts showing very different work. To have been invited to paint in Monet’s Garden several years ago was a very awe inspiring experience.

Diana has also gained a Diploma in Art & Design

Mixed Media Artist

See more of my work on my website at:

Marion Yeo

My favourite painting subject is nature and many of my paintings are of scenic places I have visited in the UK. Some are realistic and some are more contemporary and stylised.

See more of my work on my website at

Robert John Perrin

Hi, I’m Robert John Perrin – a Postmodern Neoexpressionist artist mostly influenced by the School of London, especially David Bombergs teaching and his pupils Auerbach and Kossoff.

Not a natural draughtsman, more interested in the beauty of paint.

I have attained A level Art with Art History and have modules at degree level.


Lisa Bridge

Fistral Beach painting by Worcester artist Lisa Bridge

Hello I am Lisa Bridge, a Worcestershire artist with a passion for campervans. Upon buying my beloved, rusty old Volkswagen T2 Bay called ‘Kevin,’ I have been inspired to paint pictures capturing the spirit of adventure that all VDub owners experience while travelling in their cherished vehicles. There is nothing like parking your home below the stars and witnessing the spectacle of nature! I have created VW campervan inspired art prints, Christmas cards  and greetings cards influenced by these journeys. 


Steve Riley

I am an amateur painter and very proud of the fact.
This leaves me free to dabble in any style of medium that takes my fancy – which I do.

I would hate to have any pressure to paint ‘in my own style’.

I would hate to have deadlines to meet, or wages to earn.

That freedom is a luxury that I aim to make the most of.

So my paintings are purely for my own pleasure, but hopefully others can enjoy them too”

Ruth Pritchett

Singer with pearl ear ring painting by Worcester artist Ruth Pritchett

Singer with Pearl Earring

Paintings & Portraits in watercolour, pastel and acrylic.

Portrait Drawings from Life in Old Masters’ tradition. In Charcoal, Sanguine and White chalk.

Joan Hayes

Hi all, my name is Joan Hayes, I’ve lived in Lower Broadheath for over 40 years and have been actively painting since I retired. I loved painting in my teens and have always had an interest in art, I mainly paint in Watercolour and Acrylic and love painting animals and landscapes although I have painted some portraits. I sell my artwork and will paint your commissions from photographs, prices on application, please message me for a guide to your requirements. All my work painted on paper will be mounted and framed, if painted on canvas they are varnished and ready to hang. I have exhibited at Worcester Museum and The Cathedral, and with my local art group Origin Arts in our local venue.

Joan’s artwork is listed on a private Facebook group. If you’d like to see more of Joan’s work, please email her so that she can invite you to her private group.

Chris Phillips

Tree canopy painting by Worcester artist Chris Phillips

I am a self-taught artist. According to my mother I drew from the time I could hold a pencil. I have always had a passion for art but not always had the time to create art. For many years, being a busy, working single parent I did no artwork at all. One of the advantages of getting older is having more time to indulge in hobbies and interests. About 10 years ago I started painting again.

I mostly paint in oils. Michael Harding is my favourite brand; it’s British made and the colours are fabulous. I do include other brands of paint; like many artists I’m a bit of a magpie! Any colour that takes my fancy and I have to have it even if I don’t need it. One day I might just need that colour… that’s my excuse anyway and I’m sticking to it!

In terms of subjects it all depends on what inspires me at any particular time. I have done quite a lot of animal paintings because I have always loved wildlife and nature. Recently I’ve been painting trees because I find them relaxing. I’ve done portraits (human and animal), landscapes, fantasy and even Challenger tanks! 

I can be contacted at:

Heather Witherick

Abandoned crabber boat painting by Worcester artist Heather Witherick

Having been born and brought up in the herring fishing community on the Norfolk coast I find myself still very strongly attracted to the sea.
I like to paint using watercolours and my picture, here, is of an old, abandoned crabber which was situated on the salt flats, somewhere near Blakeney.

Jane Devereux

I have always loved painting and crafts! I am always in the process of producing a work, whether it’s a painting, a sculpture, a doll, papier-mâché, a soft sculpture or whatever! You name it, I’ll have a go at making it! Painting is my first love however!

I paint for myself. I want to achieve a “mood” rather than a masterpiece! I am no great artist but feel very blessed that I have my “art” to enjoy, such as it is.

John Broad

Landscape painting by Worcester artist John Broad

I mainly work in pastel and acrylic. My style is towards the abstract in composition, using colour and texture to produce the landscapes.

Peter Cleaver

Space painting by Worcester artist Peter Cleaver

I’ve been involved in painting as a hobby most of my life on and off in between bringing up our two daughters.

I have been self taught and have been quite successful at commission work in the past.

I usually work wet on wet in oils and acrylic and not confined to any one subject , I like the challenge to try something new.

But I love most of all landscapes in the true traditional way.

Paul Bloxham

Path through trees painting by Worcester artist Paul Bloxham

I work in oil and acrylic mainly on canvas or board. My style is usually quite expressive and aims to use a combination of spontaneity and colour to capture the sense of the subject matter. I am inspired by the beauty, shapes and colours found in the everyday and the challenge of trying to capture them in paint! My work will usually take on a life of its own and evolves away from the original sketch or photograph and I am happy for it to do so. The artists that inspire me are too numerous to list but as well as the internationally recognised like Hockney and Van Gogh I love work by artists such as Paul Treasure, Richard Sowman and Halima Washington-Dixon,  check them out!

Colin Ross Jack

Born and bred in Anstruther,  Fife, now living in Worcester

Paints mainly in oils.  Except for Japanese ukiyo-e  style in acrylic, subjects include  seascape, landscape, still life, snow scenes, nocturnes, moonscapes, occasional  portraits and abstracts.

Usually  does an acrylic underpainting before putting textured oil on top.

Exhibits yearly in Scotland and has had 2 solo exhibitions at the Hive in Worcester.

Jane Potter

Stag painting by Worcester artist Jane Potter

I took up painting as a hobby eleven years ago after I had Viral Encephalitis, which resulted in a brain injury.

I was lucky and was accepted into Worcester College where they ran an art course for people with brain injurys there, I had an amazing tutor who taught me how to apply paint to canvas.

Art is an amazing hobby to have both stressful, relaxing yet exhilarating at the same time. 

I hope you enjoy my work.  Jane

Rachel Pryke

Forest painting by Worcester artist Rachel Pryke

I am a huge fan of oils and cold wax medium, which can create a thicker layered impasto finish. I love painting dramatic landscapes and atmospheric, inspiring light, although I have also had fun painting pets for friends. I am self-taught and paint for pleasure – a good way to wind down from the stresses of being a doctor. Always delighted to take commissions.

Anne Brackenridge

Lake painting by Worcester artist Anne Brackenridge

I started watercolour painting over 20 years ago when living near the Lincolnshire coast.  Soon after moving to Worcester in 2001 I discovered our local Woodgreen Art Group and then became a member of Worcester Society Of Artists. 

My Geography/Geology university and teaching background remains a keen interest as I choose to paint mainly landscapes  – hills, rocks, rivers, seashores including characteristic plant life in these habitats.

Errol Dyer

fox painting for sale by Worcester artist Errol Dyer

Of Indian heritage (Bombay), Errol has been based in Worcestershire, UK, for over four
decades. Having spent two years in art collage in Bombay, aged 18, he left UNI to spend several early years as a professional Keyboard musician. Based in London he travelled across Europe, as part of a backing group for many Motown touring US artists including, The Drifters, The Temptations, and many more, culminating in being asked by Mick Jager to play at his first wedding in San Trope, France, where the group was based.  The Band “Bluebeard” released one LP called “Sly Willi”
He returned to the UK after the group split-up and ran a successful Wealth Management Company, in Cleobury Mortimer, finally taking up art after selling his company and taking retirement. His studio is in his new home in Stone a small village on the outskirts of Kidderminster, Worcestershire.
The majority of his work is sold to clients in Worcestershire, with some going to London and the South West and to the USA. “I like to see my subject matter come out of the canvas and towards the viewer. I am interested in all aspects of 3D art. I also love using bright colours to make a statement”.


Linda Currill

Wild camels in Tunisia painting by Worcester artist Linda Currill

Wild Camels in Tunisia

Paintings mainly in oil
Landscape and Abstract

Valerie Briggs

Valerie has been a member of the WSA for over 35 years and has been honoured to be chairwoman and president of the society. She is well known for a detailed watercolours and drawings of the United Kingdom’s flora and fauna. Inspired by nature Valerie works from life where ever possible, observing, sketching and photographing.

Patrick Dunn

Patrick’s style is influenced mainly by Cubism with a bit of Surrealism, and he uses a variety of media including pen and ink, pencil, acrylic and gouache.

After studying at The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art in Oxford from 1962 to 1965 Patrick was head of the Art department in a middle school and ran local adult education courses in Somerset.  He then taught on adult education holiday courses around the UK until 2005.

Since retiring he has continued to produce art and has been a member of the Worcester Society of Artists for several years.

Dogs painting by Worcester Artist Cynthia Trevis-Walton

Cynthia Trevis-Walton

Worcester Cathedral painting by Worcester artist Derek Davis

Derek Davis

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