Worcester Society of Artists Annual Exhibition 2021

Here are some of the paintings exhibited by Worcester Society of Artists in our latest annual exhibition at Worcester City Art Gallery.  We exhibit annually at the Gallery as well as in smaller venues throughout the year.  Why not join our group and exhibit with us?

Worcester Society of Artists Annual exhibition 2021 - winner of the mayor's choice painting

The Mayor's choice

Congratulations to Steve Riley!

The Mayor’s Choice this year was Steve’s painting, ‘The Memorial Bench’.

The Memorial Bench painting by Worcester artist Steve Riley

Winner of the Peter Spicer Award

Congratulations to Claire Campbell!

The public vote

Each year the public vote for their favourite 3 paintings.  Congratulations to Rachel Pryke for the most votes!

Congratulations to Marion Yeo for second favourite!

Congratulations to Paul Bloxham for third favourite!


The art gallery is just one of the venues where we sell paintings by Worcester Society of Artists members.  Congratulations to Steve Riley, Jane Devereux, Chris Phillips, Valerie Briggs, Paul Bloxham and Rachel Pryke on their sales!

Wolf Gang by Lisa Bridge

I am a nature lover in every sense of the word and this mixed media painting was inspired by a free photograph of a pack of wolves in the snow. I loved the shape of their shadows and wanted to exaggerate the purple and blue tones. I started off in watercolour but added acrylic and pastel to get a bit of texture for the snow. I literally allow the texture of the watercolour paper to show itself and enhance the scene.

Mystery the Witch painting by Philip Holland

Mystery the Witch by Philip Holland

“In 2016 I went to Burnley in Lancashire to visit the place and church where my great grandfather John Lloyd Jones married.  While I was there I had to stop at a junction and a bus stopped in front of me and I saw on the side the advert to visit the Pendle Heritage Centre/Museum and learn the story of the Pendle Witches, something I had never heard of.  I didn’t have enough time to get there, as my research on my family took most of the time I was at Burnley.  At home I researched about what this entailed and from this I decided to do the painting that I called ‘Mystery the Witch’.  I also wrote a small poem and some music to remember it all.”

There’s a cat and it’s staring at you.

A Crow roosts near by “Caw Caw”.

Mystery the Witch appears,

Stirring the cauldron

Left then right, a pinch of moon dust,

Two frogs legs, the devil’s toe nail.

A spider’s web and the spider!

A Mystery Spell and a star falls in,

Stirring faster, “Miaow” says the cat.

“What’s for dinner?”

“Fish & Chips” says Mystery.

“Once I can remember the spell!”

“Caw Caw” says the Crow.

Autumn into Winter painting by Beverley Lockett at Worcester Society of Artists Annual Exhibition

Autumn into Winter by Beverley Lockett

“This represents memories for us. After 21 years in our house, we are moving to France and have to leave all our plants behind. The tree has filled our lives with colour and drama throughout the seasons, but Autumn colour is our favourite. The picture will remind us of all the happy meal times we spent as a family sitting next to the Acer. If you want to follow our journey in France search for The Great Escape France on Facebook.”

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